Accommodation in a traditional location

near the center of Pardubice.

Accommodation rules

1/ These rules must be followed by every guest staying in the Autocamp Cihelna Pardubice. Guests are required to follow autocamp workers’ guidelines as well as to follow fire and safety & health regulations; to keep calm and handle the autocamp’s equipment with care. In disputed or in this rules not included matters the campsite worker will decide. 

2/ Our autocamp provides temporary accommodation for a fixed period. The autocamp manager (or an authorized person) may withdraw from the contract even before the end of the agreed period in case of rule violation by the guest.

3/ Reservation fee for accommodation in our mobile houses and summer cottages is 40% of the total price for accommodation. The deposited fee is refundable for cancellations made at least 48 hour prior to arrival. For later cancellations the deposit is forfeited.

4/ Autocamp is opened from May to October. Operating time is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The previous night is charged in case of check in before 7:00 AM. Every guest has to be registered in the guests book. For the registration every guest is required to show his ID card due to verification of personal data (full name, date of birth, ID number, ID series and place of permanent residence). It is also necessary to state your duration of stay. Persons under 18 years of age must be supervised by their parents or other authorized person. Car and caravan parking is available only on designated areas. Guests are forbidden to disturb the night peace after 10:00 PM. Guests are obligated to place Accommodation Card on their car, caravan, trailer, tent etc.

5/ Leaving the autocamp – guests are required to leave their room/bungalow/camping place before 11:00 AM (unless agreed otherwise). Guests are required to put their place to the original state before leaving (or purchase “Cleaning up” service for 350.00 CZK in case of mobile houses and 150.00 CZK per room in case of summer cottages).

6/ On the premises of the autocamp Cihelna it is forbidden to: stay while infected with infectious disease, under the influence of alcohol or others addictive substances; smoke in summer cottages, bungalows, mobile houses and sanitary facilities or in the kitchen; let animals run freely (pet’s owner is always responsible for damage made by the animal). It is also forbidden to use guns, airguns, fireworks and/or other explosives. Using open fire (candles, burners ...) and setting up camp fires is available only in designated areas. Unauthorised entry to the Swimming areal Cihelna can be punished with 500.00 CZK fine and immediate forced termination of stay.

7/ In the summer cottages it is forbidden to use own electrical appliances (excluding appliances for personal hygiene – electric razor, hairdryer …) and to cook or heat up food.

8/ Visits in autocamp – visitors are available to enter only after signing into the Guests book at the reception after arrival and before leaving.

9/ Safety and fire regulations – parked motor vehicles must not prevent the passage of emergency, fire or technical vehicles or any other vehicles operating in the camp. It is forbidden to use open fire in tents. In case of fire (in any object) guests must put out the fire themselves using all possible means (in case of not being able to handle the fire themselves, guests must call camp manager, fire brigade (tel. 158) or emergency help (tel. 112)). In case of guests’ injury the camp manager will provide first aid and call emergency services.

10/ Autocamp is not responsible for injuries and any damage to customers’ property (unless demonstrably proven guilty). Autocamp is also not responsible for customers’ property loss (unless it was held in custody).